Fall Feature at Funky Cow

Welcome Fall. It’s officially here and with it comes our fall feature:

Roasted Pork Sandwich. Feast your eyes on this delightful creation.

There’s love in absolutely every bite. Say what you will about your #PSL (pumpkin spiced lattes) but until you have tasted this deliciousness, you truly haven’t experienced fall. Looking for an extra touch? What about carmelized apples and warm brie? Hello, happiness. Add some mac and cheese? Yes, please.

As we see the leaves change and we embrace all that is vibrant and colorful, we are grateful for what remains the same: your continued support and our passion to bring you sweet and savory dishes that feed your body and soul. Thank you for your excellent reviews since we relaunched! Please keep them coming! #cuban #chickensalad #foodiefavorites #icecreamlove

We’re equally grateful for the excitement of new experiences. Change is good, especially when it’s intentional. As you grab your order to go, we hope you take it on your next adventure or that you at least have a big thought while you’re eating it! Remember, there’s a whole lot of love and inspiration in each bite!

Speaking of adventures, we may have a few planned of our own so stay tuned to this blog and be sure to follow us on social media for the latest updates which include a refresh of our website, online ordering, catering creations, and one that’s still a secret but will prove to be “udderly” amazing!



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